Bisbee, Arizona

The City of Bisbee is only a short drive from Sandhill Crane Cottage. With Music, Art Galleries, Eateries,

The Copper Queen Mine, and Fun, Quirky Shops, you can dive into the vortex that has captivated visitors

for decades. Bisbee is known for its magnetic charm, hospitality, and haunted tours, copper, tourquoise and

much more. You will find yourself wanting to stay longer and relax in this laid back community! 

The city of Bisbee includes the satellite communities of Warren, Lowell, and San Jose. The Lowell and Warren

townsites were consolidated into Bisbee proper during the early part of the twentieth century. There are also

smaller neighborhoods interspersed between these larger boroughs, including Galena, Bakerville, Tintown,

South Bisbee, Briggs, and Saginaw.